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Privacy Policy

Except as noted above, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties, including advertisers, without your explicit consent. Thus, third-party advertising companies or ad networks can collect information about where you use your computer, where you saw their ads and which ads were clicked. You should keep in mind that no internet communication is ever absolutely safe and error-free.

We recommend that you periodically review this statement to receive information on how we protect your information. This information also allows us to provide you with targeted content, information and advertising (on our website, in newsletters, by email). We may ask you to register and provide personal information in certain cases, for example, when you comment on an article or contact our customer support group.

We may transfer your information to affiliates or strategic alliance partners, provided that they comply with this Statement. Although we do not provide your personal information to our advertising clients and ad networks, we collect and provide them with anonymous data (for example, 5000 members Pubrentcarcag.site say that global warming is their highest environmental problem").